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Love listening to you guys!

I literally could not make it past the second season of the actual show but i’m all in on the podcast :) also would you guys ever do a full show recap episode? (sorry if you already have and i missed it)


I’ve listened to you both on RHAP for a while now and I finally decided to watch the worlds most amazing show riverdale solely so I could listen to your recaps after each episode. I’ve now watched every riverdale episode and every kowskicast episode and I have absolutely no regrets.

Great binge

Just finished binging seasons 3 through 6 of the Riverdale recaps. I don’t actually watch the show but love hearing Mary and Kirsten describe each episode as even more of a fever dream. Great banter and analysis about a show that basically makes no sense. But please Kirsten don’t miss another episode because Mary podcasting with herself from an alternate timeline was far too unhinged, even for Riverdale. Love the podcast and can’t wait to see what comes next.

No more musicals ever

I’m watching riverdale for the first time, this podcast is the only thing getting me through the ridiculousness that is season 3. Love listening to Mary and Kirsten


Sorry about that last review guys. 😬 This podcast really is enjoyable. I clearly had some kind of an emotion about one of the episodes. I’m over it. Carry on.


I truly enjoyed listening to Twifight. Listening to Mary and Rachel discuss this childhood throwback is so whimsical and heartwarming. It makes you feel like you are just chatting with your girlfriends. Can’t wait for more.

Watching Riverdale not even required

Full Disclaimer: I have not seen a single episode of Riverdale nor do I plan to. I love the passion and the banter that Mary and Kirsten bring to the table in this podcast. The best comparison I can think of is like when you're at a party overhearing a very spirited conversation from two enthused individuals about a subject matter you have zero clue about. You can't turn away, not only because it's so interesting but also because you have no idea where it's going to go. When I sit down to listen, I buckle up because we can go from ghost armies to mothman space dreams and I'm just along for the enjoyable ride. I highly recommend this method and this podcast.

Great to listen to on my commute.

The world needs to hear Mary Kwikowski...her experience, skills, and talents are what make this podcast one of, if not my FAVORITE podcast to listen to. You will binge listen to this and then relisten over and over again!!!


Great podcast to listen to on your way to work.

Very unique name….

GREAT podcast to listen to while commuting!!

Long-Overdue Riverdale Review

Most people listen to podasts because of the show, I watch Riverdale just to be informed when Mary and Kirsten discuss this madness on the podcast. These two and the guests they bring in are consistently hilarious when dissecting the finer points (can we even say that about Riverdale?) of the show. For some added fun, they've got the weekly twitter comments/questions, weekly award for most normal character, and the close-but-no-cigar segment where we find out what's being referenced in the show. If you watch Riverdale, used to watch, or have considered watching, I'd highly recommend jumping into Kowskicast's Riverdale recap for a walkthrough of the absurdity.

Love It

Mary and Kirsten are hilarious. I would honestly listen to them talk about anything. Great Podcast.


I absolutely love your twilight podcast it’s so funny But one thing is you haven’t made anymore but still I love it

Best Podcast Ever

So excited for Riverdale to come back and for Mary and Kirsten to cover every insane moment. Listening to you two speculate and drag this show is one of the best things ever. Thank you both for all that you do and making this crazy, dumb show even better.

Sweet Riverdale content

I’m way behind on Riverdale, but these awesome podcasters are keeping me sane as I wade through this messy show.


Mary always brings the best content on stuff I didn’t know I needed more content about

Somewhere to gather for Riverdale nonsense

I just finished the 4th season of Riverdale and it was extremely painful. Good thing I can listen to this podcast after so I know I am not the only person who hate watches the crap out of this show. So after bingeing Riverdale, I’m bingeing this. I must be a masochist for Riverdale- has there been any S & M plot line on Riverdale yet? If not, that’s actually shocking.

i haven’t caught up but...

i am sick and tired of being shamed for not leaving a review so i am HERE to say this is a very good podcast and a fun binge even though i stopped watching riverdale after season 1! thank you mary and kirsten for suffering through each episode so i don’t have to <3

Love the pod

I’m a couple weeks behind on the pod and just listened to Kirsten shame the audience into leaving 5 star reviews at the end of the 4.15 episode so this is me doing my part! I started watching riverdale after the RAANAP episode so thank you for introducing me to this fever dream of a show ❤️ -Victoria

Miss Kwiatkowski, I’m obsessed!

After seeing a clip on YouTube of the ridiculous rocket subplot, I decided to binge this podcast so hear their outrage and it did not disappoint. Along the way, however, I’ve found myself sucked into this show and it’s ludicrousity. Kirsten is tied with Ali Lasher for my second favorite podcaster in general and is a real treat. She can be perfectly encapsulated by the iconic Kelly Kapoor “Number One, How Dare You?” Clip. If she were a Harry Potter teacher, her catchphrase would be “Constant Indignance” and it’s a mood and I (Kir)stan I’m still a bit new to Mary but she’s quickly climbing my charts of favorite podcast personalities. She provides a nice contrast to Kirsten and any time she talks about the ridiculous ship names (specifically “F. P. x Alice”), my appreciation for her deepens. Truly a great podcast and I appreciate that they both watch this dumpster fire of a show so I can get my fix. Side note- if there was ever a RANAAP Riverdale follow up episode, the rocket episode would be a perfect episode to cover

Love to Listen

I sometimes wonder whether or not they even like the show but keep listening because they are hysterical! I’m a casual watcher, meaning I usually binge 4 or 5 episodes and then listen to their podcast one after another. So I appreciate their ability to keep all the crazy plots straight and the various characters that pop in and out and in and out.... Love you girls, thanks for all you do!

Quality Ear Gold

I used to watch Riverdale with my best friend. She had to move, leaving me alone in my Riverdale watching until I found Kowski. Now, it's like I have two new best friends in my life who will point out every plot hole, laugh at every inconsistency, and share an overall enjoyable time with me. The highlight of each episode for me is when they award the “most normal person of the episode’ which can sometimes be a real challenge. Overall, this podcast is a joy and I’m glad that they take time out of their day to provide us with quality entertainment about a show that we all love to hate. <3

KowSkiCast is decently dope!

KowSkiCast is a fun podcast with great hosts!

Always Says

“How dare you!”

5 stars

Archie: Bad Kowskicast: Good


I haven’t watched a lick of riverdale and I’ve never paid attention to Archie comics. I’m just listening to this podcast because Mary and Kirsten are SO entertaining and I can listen to them talk about anything and their commentary is freakin hilarious and actually well researched

My newest must listen podcast

Thanks to Kirsten and Mary ive now watched all 3 seasons of riverdale, so......thank you?

Great Observations and Commentary

This podcast is great. It’s like they’re echoing my thoughts and frustrations with this strangely enjoyable show that I shouldn’t like as much as I do. I am just glad to hear someone else exasperated with Veronica’s endless list of jobs and Archie’s strange turn as a boxer. Also, why do these high school students own multiple businesses and how do they have time to run them and still go to class? Listening to this podcast is enjoyable and fun — I’m here for it.

Full dark, 5 stars

Finally a Riverdale podcast that skips over what I’m not into (Archie slowly developing CTE from his punchaholism) to cover what I really seek (how Veronica is ruining Riverdale’s economy by depriving the Riverdaddies of jobs, Jason Blossom’s age, Jughead fanfiction recommendations)

Mary and Kirsten are your Spirit Guides for the fever dream that is Riverdale.

From attempting to decipher the plot to setting up a temp agency to get those #RiverDaddys some employment, this show has it all. If you want to know where the tent city is, or what is Archie actually good at, this is the place for you.