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Miss Kwiatkowski, I’m obsessed!

After seeing a clip on YouTube of the ridiculous rocket subplot, I decided to binge this podcast so hear their outrage and it did not disappoint. Along the way, however, I’ve found myself sucked into this show and it’s ludicrousity.

Kirsten is tied with Ali Lasher for my second favorite podcaster in general and is a real treat. She can be perfectly encapsulated by the iconic Kelly Kapoor “Number One, How Dare You?” Clip. If she were a Harry Potter teacher, her catchphrase would be “Constant Indignance” and it’s a mood and I (Kir)stan

I’m still a bit new to Mary but she’s quickly climbing my charts of favorite podcast personalities. She provides a nice contrast to Kirsten and any time she talks about the ridiculous ship names (specifically “F. P. x Alice”), my appreciation for her deepens.

Truly a great podcast and I appreciate that they both watch this dumpster fire of a show so I can get my fix.

Side note- if there was ever a RANAAP Riverdale follow up episode, the rocket episode would be a perfect episode to cover

Feb. 11, 2020 by Svetlana Stan on Apple Podcasts

KowSkiCast | Riverdale | Revenge | Twilight