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The Riverdale recap brought me back to riverdale after just watching the 4 episodes when it first came out. I love the running jokes like Veronica’s 3 jobs, Sponsor codes, and Kirsten’s burning hatred for Archie. Kirsten and Mary and Hannnnah always brighten my day with their funny banter and care with discussing serious topics. A must Listen for Riverdale Fans. (To Kirsten and Mary, Please do Sabrina during the off-season maybe.)

Archie is lame

Sharing the opinion that Archie is one of the most useless parts of the series is why this podcast deserves your attention. Even though they like to hate on the show, Kirsten and Mary give “totally unbiased” commentary on the “world’s greatest show”, Riverdale.

Sarcasm and Hilarity

Kirsten and Mary are hilarious and amazing recapping Riverdale each week. Some great quotes from Kirsten and Mary: "Archie, he's just not smart." "Archie just got bested by a lady with a frying pan." "Point me in the direction the fanfiction that answers all my questions."

Revenge Rewatch

I've been wanting to watch Revenge and this is the perfect supplement to it!


Love these girls! So fun and entertaining

KowSkiCast Pilot

Fun! Good sound quality.